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Food Pantry
Yanadhi - India
Myanmar Fund
Operation Christmas Child

ways you can donate:

Give Online

Give By

Give By

1) Click the Donate button above.


2) Enter the amount you want to give, select a fund,
choose your frequency, and enter your email address.


3) Click Continue and enter your payment information to
complete the transaction.


If you have an Abundant login, you can log in when
prompted and use a saved payment method.

1) Text livingwordchurch to 73256.


2) Click the link you receive in your text message


3) Follow the prompts to give.


Text-giving saves your information so you can
quickly give again.

1) Download the free app in the app store. On an iPhone,
search by Abundant Giving and on an android search by Abundant.


2) Locate our church by typing our church name or city
in the Abundant search bar. Select our church and sign
in or sign up for an account.


3) Follow the prompts to give.


Swipe up on the app screen to access your giving history,
scheduled gifts, and saved payment methods.

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